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GLOBE is an International Hands-On-Activities Science / Environmental Education Program.

This Program is implemented in 117 countries and in more than 25000 Schools throughout the world. GLOBE links the scientific research community with students and teachers in an effort to learn more about our environment through student data collection and observation. The GLOBE Program has been striving for over a decade to promote scientific approaches through innovative activities and use of different techniques in learning process that involves school students across the country.

GLOBE SCIENCE & ENVIRONMENT OLYMPIAD is an initiative taken by The GLOBE-INDIA and Indian Environmental Society whose goal is to promote global learning and observation to benefit the Environment. The Olympiad is designed to encourage students to explore, discover, and learn more about our environment.



GLOBE Science & Environment Olympiad-2018 Brochure

Olympiad Dates November
20,21,22 - 2018

For Classes VIth-XIIth Subjects
Science & Environmental Science
Don't just read about Science, Do Science........